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My question for problem 2 was as followed:
Given a rule for FSM:

Given a FSM: ={2in,2out,,2state,}A={2Vin,2Vout,I,2Vstate,R}
where in={a}Vin={a}out={o}Vout={o}state={p,q}Vstate={p,q}=I=true<->q|p,

Then there was an example of state transition diagram and finally it asked:

Use the same labelinputs, and outputs to compute the state transition diagram of the given FSM.
Submit the initial states and transitions in an explicit form:
init 0,1;
transitions (0,{a},{o},1); (0,{},{o},2); (1,{a},{},3); (3,{},{},3);

Here is my submission of the Kripke form:

init 0;
transitions (0,{q,o},{q,o},0); (0,{q,o},{q},1); (0,{q,o},{q,a},2); (0,{q,o},{q,a,o},3); (0,{q,o},{p},4); (0,{q,o},{p,o},5); (0,{q,o},{p,a},6); (0,{q,o},{p,a,o},7); (0,{q,o},{p,q},8); (0,{q,o},{p,q,o},9); (0,{q,o},{p,q,a},10);(0,{q,o},{p,q,a,o},11);

But it get following error:

Your submission (or part of it) was not in a correct format and could not be checkedDetails: Automaton parsing failed: Parsing Error in ParseAutomaton 

I understand there is mistake in my submission from the error but I could not figure it out. Can you please explain briefly or guide me to a slide number?

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Have a look at the first 15 slides of the Chapter on State Transition Systems (Kripke Structures). Those slides explain the differences between FSMs and Kripke structures and how to translate FSMs to Kripke structures.

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A Kripke structure does neither have inputs nor does it have outputs. So, what have you computed there and want to submit as Kripke structure? Can you explain what you have done? As far as I understood, we are talking about the following FSM, and you need to write down its states and transitions in an explicit format:

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First of all, I did not understood this question properly.

The rest of the questions of 2 (b,c,d) and 3(a,b,c,d) are similar. Given a FSM. Translate it to Kripke, figure out deadend, initial, un/reachable and remove some transitions. Finally submit the answer in DNF form. All these answers were accepted by the submission tool.

So, 2a was the last problem that I was solving. What I understood for this question:
Given a FSM.
Translate to Kripke.
Submit "init" and "transitions" as provided in the example form.

If my answer was incorrect the submission tool would have given "wrong answer". But when I submitted my approach, I got "Automatic Parsing Failed" warning and thought my submission might be correct, only I need to find some extra comma or brackets!!!
As far as I can see on exercise sheet 4, exercise 2 a, the task is not to translate a FSM to a Kripke structure. Instead, you are given a symbolic representation of a FSM and you should convert that to an explicit representation, i.e., you should list the states and transitions one by one. Tipp: you can use to do this, but you need to write down the shown FSM in the required format.
Understood. Thank you for the feedback.

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