Here you can ask questions and find or give answers to organizational, academic and other questions about studying computer science.

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About the Q&A System of the Dept. of Computer Science of the TUK!

For the impatient: How do I get started?

(In order to register you need a TUK email address, e.g. "" or "".)

And what can I ask here?

Here (especially as a student) you can ask

  • questions about organisational and technical aspects of your studies, as well as
  • questions about technical aspects of the individual teaching areas and courses.
  • Of course you can also ask questions on all topics inside or outside the TUK.

Simply use the appropriate categories!

Who can ask or answer here?

All TUK members can ask questions and answer.
However, we expect most of the questions from our students.

You should always ask if something is unclear, especially if it could be relevant for others. But check beforehand whether the question has already been answered.

You should always answer when you can help to solve the problem.

We make every effort to check the correctness of the answers and, if necessary, to correct them or to give the correct answer right away.

Who can read that all?

Everyone can currently read (also outside the TUK).

In the interest of our users, we reserve the right to shorten excessively long discussions, remove outdated topics and cut or remove incorrect or inappropriate answers.

Do I have to write in English?

For questions and answers on topics that do not only concern German courses of study or courses, we ask you to write in English to allow access for all.

(Maybe a translator like will help you.)

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