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Given a FSM: ={2in,2out,,2state,}A={2Vin,2Vout,I,2Vstate,R}
where in={a}Vin={a}out={o}Vout={o}state={p,q}Vstate={p,q}=I=!!p, 

My answer: (2,{a},{},4);(2,{a},{},3);(2,{},{},3);(4,{a},{},4);(4,{},{},4);(4,{a},{},3);(4,{},{},3). I do not understand why it is wrong. Could someone please help. Also Could you please explain the way to solve the next parts that is drawing Kripke Structure and finding the relevant states?

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It is hard to help without a precise description of the problem. I have looked up your solution (at least I think so), and agree that you are mostly right. However, you did overlook the encoding of the states which was required as 0:{}; 1:{p}; 2:{q}; 3:{p,q}. So I suggest that you re-encode your states and try again.

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