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My format is not accepted by the system. Could you please check? I cannot figure it out. 

labels 0:s1,s2;  1:;  2:s2,s3;  3:s0,s3;  4:s1,s0;  5:s0,s1,s2,s3;

init 0;

transitions (0, {a}, ,2); (2, {a}, ,3); (3, {a}, ,4); (4, {a}, ,5); (5, {a}, ,5); (5, {}, ,1); 

(4, {}, ,1); (3, {}, ,1); (2, {}, ,1); (0, {}, ,1}; (1, {}, ,1); (1, {a}, ,1);

accept 2,3,4,5;



in * TF "Emb. Sys. and Rob." by (380 points)

2 Answers

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Looks reasonable to me. I don't know whether that is the problem, but maybe you should write "4:s0,s1;" instead of "4:s1,s0;" ?
by (166k points)
ohh okay, I will try.
tried and did not work. I tried all possible ways but could not figure it out.
Error message:
Your submission (or part of it) was not in a correct format and could not be checked   
Details: [Fail] Invalid Submission Format: Automaton parsing failed: Parsing Error in ParseAutomaton
You also write "(0,{},,1}" instead of "(0,{},,1)"
ohhh yes, thank you. I never saw it.
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So I checked your solution: Besides the faulty brace in "(0, {}, ,1}" as already mentioned, the problem seems to be that our system doesn't expect spaces inside each transition, thus if you write every transition without spaces (i.e. "(0,{a},,2)" instead of "(0, {a}, ,2)") your solution should be accepted. Of course this problem may be a bit misleading so we'll try to fix the issue, however the solution I just provided (removing the spaces) should do the trick for you already.
by (3.4k points)
Thank you, it worked.

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