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I have the following state transition diagram from the tool. From this, I have to submit the answer in explicit form.

Given a FSM: A={2Vin,2Vout,I,2Vstate,R}
where Vin={a} Vout={o} Vstate={p,q}, I=(q->p|p),

My answer was:

init 0,1,4;


 (0,{},{},0); (0,{},{},2); (0,{a},{},0); (0,{a},{},2); (2,{a},{},0); (2,{a},{},2); (2,{},{},2); (2,{},{},0);

The system is say it is wrong. Do I need to mention the deadends as initial states or I should not?

Or am I in the wrong direction completely?

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Got the answer. At State 2 only 3 transitions. But I wrote four. I removed  (2,{},{},2) because for 2->2, only one transition i.e. (2,{a},{},2) [a & !o].

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I think you have created a Krippe Structure.
You need to create the explicit form of the given FSM.

Using the tool put 'a' s the input variable and remove 'o' from the state variable. This will give you the explicit state diagram for the FSM using that you should be able to verify the initial states and the transitions
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