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Propositional Representation of FSM(Exercise 4.2a):
Given a FSM: A={2Vin,2Vout,I,2Vstate,R}
where Vin={a}Vout={o}Vstate={p,q}I=!!p, R=!((a->o)|next(p)|q&p&next(q))

I tried to submit the following solution:

init 2,3;
transitions (0,{a},{},0); (0,{a},{},1); (1,{a},{},1); 
(1,{a},{},0); (2,{a},{},0); (2,{a},{},1); (3,{a},{},0);
But the system is not accepting this solution.
Can someone help with whats wrong in the above answer?
Thanks in Advance!
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I am trying to add the explicit state transition Diagram but its showing max character limit is 12,000 I don't know why :(

2 Answers

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Ok. I will try to keep things short here. The FSM you want to submit is the correct one, but not the correct one that is asked by the question, because further restrictions are placed there.

If you look at the first requirement:

"label 0:; 1:p; 2:q; 3:p,q;      i.e., node s0-s3 represent states !p&!q, p&!q, !p&q and p&q, respectively."

That means you cannot label states s0-s3 however you like, which is also why the exercise system does not accept your answer.
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Yes that was the issue. Thank you.
FSM in Explicit Form
I have the same issue. The system has been rejecting my solution.
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Let me rewrite the transtion relation a little bit (but that does not matter):

  • Vin={a}
  • Vout={o}
  • Vstate={p,q}
  • I=!!p
  • R=a&!o&next(p)&!(q&p&next(q))

So we see that all transitions are labeled with a&!o and all target states must satisfy p. The state transition diagram looks as follows:

Hence, your solution should be fine

 init 2,3;

So, I think that your solution is correct and something with the submission or the software is wrong. Please contact your tutor so that you will be given the points that you deserve, and contact the exercise organizer to check what is wrong with your solution. Maybe the software needs to be fixed.

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Ok, I will follow up with the tutor. Thank you!  :)
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