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for below question

i got answers:

(p&!a&!q)|(!p&q&!a)|(!p&!a&!q)|(!p&a&!q) --dead states

(p&a&!q)|(p&q&!a)|(p&a&q)|(p&!a&!q)      -initial states

(p&a&!q)|(!p&q&a)|(p&q&!a)|(p&a&q) --reachable node

but in tool its showing as wrong solution .can some help me like how to  can  we check in teaching tool whether solution is wrong or correct

in * TF "Emb. Sys. and Rob." by (550 points)

2 Answers

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Read your deadend states again. I think one of the four states you listed should be a different one.

For the initial states, try to remove the deadend states.

Try to recompute them with the updated deadend states.
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thank you i will recompute
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The last dead-end-state is wrong. It should be (p&!a&q) instead of (!p&a&!q) since you can't go anywhere with !a from {p,q}.

As for you initial states, you need to remove all dead-end states from your list of initial states. Therefore you should only have the initial states p&!q&a and p&q&q since p&q&!a and p&!a&!q are dead-ends.

Then you need to reconsider your list of reachable notes with the corrected information about initial and dead-end states.
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thanks. (p&a&!q)|(!p&q&a)|(p&q&!a)|(p&a&q)  (is initial states are by default reachable node
According to the definition used in the exercise presentations, not all initial states are reachable: see
The reachable states then should be:

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