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I used up all my 6 trials in question 1 and I'm not able to retry! what should I do now?

in * TF "Emb. Sys. and Rob." by (1.7k points)

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Well, in that case, you have simply lost these points, and you can only continue with question 2.

Still, image that we would only allow one try, as it was the usual case when solutions were submitted on paper. It is far better now, but we have to set a limit also (since a few years before, it happened that a student wrote a program to try all possibilities which doesn't make sense in terms of learning the matter).
by (166k points)
For God's sake please reset my trial and let me try more. I've been struggling with the assignments since Monday and trying to learn. It's not fair. Please help me.
this week the topic is really difficult and I don't understand what the prof says in the lectures. I'm trying to understand everything on my own. Please reset my trial and I can finally write the correct solutions.
Since you asked so politely, I walked to the database and scraped off every single incorrect submission. By hand.
Thanks a milion. It's very kind of you.
Although I tried right now and I'm still not able to submit question 1!
Does it take time until the changes apply to the database? Should I try later?
Good point! I had only removed the incorrect submissions without re-triggering the mechanism that sets the counter of submissions.
sorry it's still not working and the retry button is deactivate!
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