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Hi All,

In the past few days i have received a variety of cheat sheets and they are mixed with the outdated content from the past. I know its the student's responsibility to create one on your own. But if there is a standard one maintained by the Professor or the co-workers, would save me some time.

Please let me know.
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There was an email in the VRS student portal that contained a cheat sheet that has been originally made by Carolina Nogeira (you can find it on If there are better ones send them to, so that they can be collected and provided to more and future students. 

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Thanks Professor for the quick response ! I tried an online TEX to PDF editor and it throwed an error and couldn't output as a PDF. Is there anything that i missed ?
It runs without problems on my computer, so whatever fails, it is not a mistake in the file. I was using pdflatex for converting to pdf and also latex+dvipdf worked fine.
Ok Professor, I will check it once. Good to know that its working fine.
You might need the St. Mary's Road symbol font (stmaryrd.sty). It is hopefully included in the package texlive-math-extra.
Yes Martin, I fixed it. stmaryrd.sty is part of the texlive-math-extra package. Unfortunately that doesn't get install, so as an alternative they suggested me to install texlive-science and texlive-science-extra and it worked.
Appreciate your help !! :)
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