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VRS in exercise 3.e (x <-> (y1 ^ y2)) what does this sign "^" mean?
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Short answer: it means exclusive-or.

For the teaching tools, we need some simple writing of the formulas. As you can read on, we use


for negation, conjunction, exclusive-or, disjunction, implication, and equivalence (with decreasing precedences in this order). 

Alternatively, you may use the characters ¬,∧,⊕,∨,→, and ↔, but you may have hard times to find out how to type these. Yet another alternative would be to write operators in words: not,and,xor,or,imp,eqv (teaching tools accept all the three versions).

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Let me add the following.

Self-Help Tip: If you ever find a logic connective that you don't know, use our teaching tools to generate the truth table. Then you can easily recognize it.

For later in the semester: If you have temporal logic quantifiers that you want to understand, you can form formulas with known quantifiers, and look look at the counterexamples generated by our online tools.
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