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The exercise sheet 12 keep giving me the following error on every solution, even though the solution format is correct.

"Your submission (or part of it) was not in a correct format and could not be checked
Details: Your solution is not the same as the candidate solution, but your solution may be right, please write an email to your tutor, he/she will check it manually for you."

in * TF "Emb. Sys. and Rob." by (420 points)
Please write an email to the tutor as suggested in the text.

2 Answers

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Your forgot to write a question. I assume you want to ask “Excuse me please, what does this error message mean, and why does it occur?”.

The answer is that this exercise is hand-graded. Hence, you have to inform your tutor, who will then check whether the solution is correct and manually assign the points to you.
by (25.6k points)
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I guess it is clear what you would have to do by the italic part.

Assuming you wanted to know if your answer was correct (Which is hard to tell because you didn't specify what you actually handed in), you can simply check if it corresponds to your solution:


For the future please make sure that you 1.) have some kind of question and 2.) Provide all information which could be helpfull (e.g. your calculations or at least your result)
Please let us know if this helped you. Best regards.
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