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I was searching for slides about Amdahls law but unfortunately could not find any. CTRL + F could not find the word neither.

What do we need to know about the Amdalhs law for the exam? Would a potential exercise look like the one form exercise sheet 1 or are there also different applications we should be prepared for?

Thanks in advance and best regards.
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See the last slides of the first chapter about processor architecture. The exercise sheets should give you a good idea how typical questions may look like.
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Oh okay, I guess the Processor Architecture chapter is the only chapter that is not included in "all chapters combined" so I didnt find it. Thank you!
That is really strange. I checked my programs for generating the files and it lists that chapter as well. Still, trying to generate the files again always skips the Processor Architecture chapter. I have no idea at the moment why that is so.

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