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1.) Can we write ¬a also as -a (minus a) in the exam tomorrow?

2.) When performing local model checking, is it enough if we find the result by sharp looking or do we need to draw a proof tree?

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1) I would say no, since I don't see that you could save much time this way. If you would do that and people can understand what you mean, I guess, you will still get your points.

2) If the exercise ask for (and that is usually the case there) that you should use local model checking, then you should also use it. Just giving the right answer is then not enough, since that motivation for that question is to find out whether you know the rules of local model checking.
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I would like to quote ourselves on 1): “You may only deviate from our syntax if you clearly define the meaning of your syntax”

On 2): In the past two (?) exams, we had tasks of the form “Which states satisfy the formula?” There, sharp looking is allowed. If the task is “use global/local model checking”, then the only valid use of sharp looking is to double check whether the local/global model checking result is plausible.
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