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Exam appointments are made by the Pr├╝fungsamt. 

You find the appointments of all exams under https://www.kis.uni-kl.de/campus/all/eventlist.asp?mode=field&gguid=0xCC4AED4AA7BC44D1A50C8AC82FE58499&tguid=0xA0CC12CC38514E09833533E643742D94.

The entry for VRS is https://www.kis.uni-kl.de/campus/all/event.asp?gguid=0xABAEEB9F02DB4F49916C9DFE00C084A6&tguid=0xA0CC12CC38514E09833533E643742D94

Hence, the exam takes place on Tuesday, Aug 31, from 13:30 - 16:30 in room 42-115 (we only need one room for all students). 

You should have received  yesterday also two emails about the exam organization.

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