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What is the relative grading system in VRS and how is it calculated? Is it possible that all candidates pass? Or some must fail?
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We do not have a relative grading system, and therefore it is possible that all candidates can pass or fail. The result one student achieves is not graded relatively to the others. Relative grading will require that some will have to fail, and also that only geniuses will get a 1.0.

Recall that we offer way more exercises than you need to solve for a best grade. However, there are in each semester some students that make way more points than required for the 1.0; we are very happy to see that, but don't want to make this a reason to say that others have to do the same or more to pass the exam.
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Some more info about the exam: We set the points → grade mapping after grading. The mapping was always linear in the past.
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