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Hello, I have the following questions regarding exam exercises and how their solutions should look like.

  1. Is it allowed to omit the output character (after the slash in the transition) when drawing a Moore machine?
  2. Are linear clause forms relevant for the exam?
  3. Can there be exercises with B-Complement numbers where B is odd?
  4. When there is a Radix-B to a Radix-C number conversion needed in an exercise, is it allowed to write the decimal value directly and then convert the decimal value to Radix-C by dividing? I use the Horner method from the lecture which saves time because there is no need to calculate B^i and it is easy just to do the successive multiplication and addition with a calculator and thus get the decimal value directly.

 Thanks in advance for any response!

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Answers for the DiRa exam in SS20:

  1. If the output character is seen in the state, yes, since then that information is redundant. I guess that is what you have in mind. However, if the states would be called 0,1,2,... then some information would be missing, right?
  2. Linear clause forms are of outmost importance for SAT solving; SAT solving is of outmost importance for verification; verification is of outmost importance for digital circuit design; so yes, it is required!
  3. No, we exclude the case where the basis is an odd number. In general, it is possible to have odd numbers as bases, but then the algorithms sometimes need another special case. We exclude that since the bases used in circuit design are mostly powers of two and thus even numbers. 
  4. That is definitely no problem, and we even allow pocket calculators. However, because of that, be prepared that we might ask for a number conversion to base 7 which you don't find on pocket calculators. 

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