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Hello all,

I have a small question: screenshot attached.

How do we get the table? I can calculate the first two transitions but cannot seem to get "0" for the 3rd transition. Am I missing something?

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The transition relation is an if-then-else. Since in the first four lines p is false, right part of the if-then-else (the else-part) needs to be satisfied. The right part requires p' and a to be equal. This is the case of a = p' = 1 (fourth line), and a = p' = 0 (first line), but not for a = 0, p' = 1 (second line) or a = 1, p' = 0 (third line).
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Maybe there is a confusion about (a => b | c) it is not (a imp (b or c)) it is instead the Shannon operator that means "if a then b else c". Is that the problem?
Yes, that was the problem. But it was answered before to a similar question on the forum. I saw that later and closed my question immediately.
Thank you :)
Feel free to add a link to the other question so that others who find your question also see the other answer.

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