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The following automata is given:

Using Rabin/Scott I created the following DFA:

inputs {a},{};


labels 0:s2,s3; 1:s0,s2; 2:s1; 3:s2; 4:s1,s3; 5:s0,s1,s2,s3; 6:;

init 0

transitions (0,{},,1); (1,{},,2); (2,{},,4); (2,{a},,3); (4,{},,5); (4,{a},,3); (5,{},,5); (5,{a},,3); (0,{a},,6); (1,{a},,6); (3,{},,6); (3,{a},,6);  (6,{a},,6);  (6,{},,6);

accept 1,2,4,5

Using Teaching Tools to visualise:

If I use Teaching Tools to create a DFA using only the given input I get:
which looks exactly like the DFA I constructed.

However, when I submit my solution I get the response "Submission is equivalent to solution", even though to me it looks to be the same automaton.

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You have to distinguish between the syntax you need for the teaching tool and the online exercise system. 

Your given automaton is described as follows for the teaching tool:

    inputs {a},{};
    init 2,3;
        (1,{},1); (1,{},3);
        (3,{},0); (3,{},2);
    accept 0,1;

It looks as follows:

The deterministic automaton obtained looks as follows:

It is described as follows (for the teaching tool):

    inputs {a},{};
    init 0;
        (0,{},1); (0,{a},2);
        (1,{},2); (1,{a},2);
        (2,{},4); (2,{a},3);
        (3,{},3); (3,{a},3);
        (4,{},5); (4,{a},3);
        (5,{},5); (5,{a},2);
    accept 1,2,4,5;

where the superstates are constructed as follows:

    labels 0:s2,s3; 1:s0,s2; 2:s1; 3:; 4:s1,s3; 5:s0,s1,s2,s3;

Note the labels used for the submission to the online exercise system must not be used for the teaching tool. They don't have a meaning for an automaton there, and are just used for the submission to see how you constructed the superstates in the Rabin-Scott construction.

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