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In the last master study plan the mentor could make changes of 8 LP in the structure (e.g enlarge the specilisation by 4 or 8 points, shrinking the minor or other changes if the argumentation of the student are right) without asking the head of the examination committee.

Does this option still exist for the mentor?

Ideas of changes would be:

  •  a second project module in the new supplement
  •  or a bit more then 8 LP of bachelor lecture of other department (sometimes one lecture has 9 LP (mathematics department I heard)) in the new supplement
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oh, one additional CS project is already possible in the supplement block

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In the new system, the mentors are not allowed to make any changes on the `fixed blocks', i.e.,  Specialization 1&2, Computer Science Theory and Formal Fundamentals. These lists are fixed and unless changed by the faculty, have to be respected by everybody.

Adding more modules that are listed in a specialization to that block is no problem, since the given sizes are only minimal numbers of LP there. Adding modules to these blocks that are not listed there is impossible.

Hint: The Supplement block is quite flexible.
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thanks, for the reply.
And how about minor changes on the constrains of the Supplement:
'If modules from study programs of other departments are chosen, then at most 8 credits can be obtained by modules from bachelor programs.' [1]

The Supplement has just a few restrictions (p.31 of the examination rules of the Master PO), even though it is expected that some finer rules will be established soon as rules of `good practice' to guide mentors and students. For example, there may be upper bounds for the number of seminars in that block.

Still, this is the block where students can make individual suggestions to combine interdisciplinary topics (like biology and physics with computer science) which was not possible before, and of course, also other modules of computer science (not in the specializations and theory blocks) can be added there. You might even choose a third specialization in computer science there or create a new one together with your mentor.
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