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I have exams coming up and I need my examination plan approved. Still I get no reply from my mentor and the examination office wants the signature of my mentor before i can register for the exams.

I can understand that Professors get a lot of emails, but I just want my piece of paper signed. To be honest, I also don't think most people skip their entire email inbox, they just think something is not important enough to give a reply to( which I find very dangerous if my Mentor thinks me not being able to write exams for a whole semester is unimportant).

Is there any solution for this? To be honest, I really don't like this mentor system at all, since from the beginning I gave preference for 2 Professors who knew me very well and I still got mentored by someone who doesn't even know my name.
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Well, that is not good. In case everything else fails, the head of the Prüfungsausschuss (Prof. Hinze) is also allowed to sign examination plans, as far as I can say. I think you preferences were no followed since the Prüfungsausschuss also wants to avoid too many students assigned to one Professor (to avoid your situation).
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