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I am running to similar problem, i also looked up the solution with the tool, and got the same with slightly other labeling, but that shouldnt be the problem. I also removed the unreachable state in my case s0q2. After submitting the representation as below listed, I still don't get this correct. Does someone mind and help me out with this?

related to an answer for: Exercise Sheet 4 : Product Structure
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Your solutions looks quite correct to me. However, the product structure is defined in your case over variables a,b,c,d even though there is no state where b occurs. That does not mean that b does not exist, it just means that b is false in the remaining states.
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That was the missing piece, thank you. I guess, I will remember not to do this anymore after doing this in the exercise. Thanks again.
That's why exercises are there. Learn it by making experiences, and here, it is not that harmful as later in the exam.

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