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10 days ago we were told that the new videos are only coming with time and you do not recommend us to watch the old videos. "There is no reason to be in a hurry."

But there is a deadline for the exercises in less than 3 hours and I wanted to ask: Would you recommend that we teach the material through the lecture slides without video?

Or should we watch the old videos now after all?
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I wrote "There is no reason to be in a hurry." since there are already recordings that can be used without real disadvantages.
For future reference: Don't forget the VRS tag.

I extended the deadline by a day.

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For all courses, it is no problem to use the existing material for handling the exercises. For VRS, the slides are already up-to-date, and the updates compared with the previous recordings are not that important for the exercises. You should definitely not wait for them.
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