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VRS Exercises will be offered on Thursdays only? or in future may be offered on a different day of week?

Because in KIS system, Thursday is not there for VRS Übung.

Thanks in advanced.
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Well, as mentioned in the remark in KIS: We just kept the appointments of KIS as initial choices, but then were asking the registered students for their preferences since we do not make use of the allocated (physical) rooms. That lead now to other appointments that were sent to the registered students. We now have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday two sessions. We plan to keep now the discussed and determined appointments for the rest of the semester.

Note that you could, in general, log into anyone of the other sessions in case you should have missed yours for some unforeseen reason. However, we really advise all students to respect the made assignments unless there are good reasons why another session is exceptionally attended in a week. The reason for this is that we want to make sure that the bandwidth of the video conferencing tool will be sufficient. So, help us to make this work fine for you.
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I somehow missed the update about group preference. Is there any way I can be assigned to a group on a different day (Wednesday)?
Yes, there is a way: Write an email to Martin and let him know which group you would prefer instead of your current one. As said, we try to keep the group sizes balanced, but +/- student does not matter.
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You are probably talking about these room reservations:


As you can see there, we are not offering any events at-site. Hence, we are not bound to the room reservations but can plan our live exercises sessions freely. Currently, we have no plans on changing the schedule. We also have no plans on moving the sessions to the class room.
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