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There is the category “Teaching Field ‘Embedded Systems and Robotics’”, and there is the Tag “VRS”. What happens if I ask a question here tagged with the said tag?
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Essentially, this mean that your question gets listed on the page of the VRS-tag. Some people have “starred” the VRS-tag. That means they clicked the start icon on the overview page of the VRS. If they configured it that way, they even get a mail notifying them about the new question.

What happens next, this is up to the people who read your question. Some people will just read it, some people will also find it interesting, some people will even try to answer it. Generally, everyone (especially students who are attending the VRS lecture) are invited to answer questions. This is also a way of studying the contents. As some tutors check the questions regularly, misleading answers tend to get a helpful comment, unanswered questions might also be answered by the tutors, the organizers of the exercise, or the lecturer.
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wow! What an excellent answer. Thank you!
No! Thank you for asking this fantastic question. This is really a question many people wondered about! By the way: You can mark the answer as correct if you liked it.
Ha! I already marked it as correct. Thanks again!
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