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Dear SC team,

i have a couple of questions regarding the algorithm at 2-53.

  1. Why do we have to "find i>=k>=n" if k is the running index of the for loop (the first one given in the algorithm). Is this a typo or is there somthing i have overlooked? 
  2. Where does the running index j come from in the last two for-loops?

Thanks for answers in advance.

Best Regards,

Arne Stoll

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1 Answer

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Hi Arne,

1. Typo, indeed. k is the current row, i is the sought row with the pivot element. So k <= i <= n is correct.

2. In fixing another typo, I deleted a line accidentally deleted a line. The outer loop over j=1...n was missing.

Corrected slides in OLAT.

Thanks for pointing this out!
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