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Can someone let me know, is there any specific method to be followed to perform the swap operation on specific variables by changing the variable ordering of the ROBDD?

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versucht man die wahrheitstabelle wieder zu erstellen und dann die variableordnung zu tauschen um den neuen robbd zu machen
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If you need to switch variables b and c, you must consider the subtrees starting with b and their subtrees following c. In general, you consider then a subtree

(b ? (c?T11:T10) : (c?T01:T00) )

with four possible subtrees T11, T10, T01 and T00 that are reached when b and c have the corresponding values. If you swap the variables b and c, you simply get

(c ? (b?T11:T01) : (b?T10:T00) )

Hence, T10 and T01 are exchanged as shown on slide 75 of the BDD chapter.
You have to do this operation on all subtrees starting with b.

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