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May I know in the question below, how the NDetF automata formula and transition diagram are written for [a SU b] with only one state variable?

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Maybe I do not understand you question, but with one state variable q, we have two states, namely one where q is false and another one where q is true. These states are represented as {} and {q}, respectively.
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Yes. We have two states {} and q.
We are in the initial state {} and for [a SU b], if the input is a and !b we will be in {}.
Once we get input b(a SU b is satisfied), we move to the acceptance state.

Here, I am able to draw the transition diagram first based on a SU b
Then I am finding the transition relation for the automata.

Is this the only way to solve this question or
Is it possible to write the automata for a SU b first and then go for the transition diagram?
There are certainly many ways how you can proceed here, and there are also many possible automata which are correct.
Thanks for clarifying, Professor.
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