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In the new plan is it possible to add 2 subjects from Social Sciences department (Linguistics and syntax- both are of 4 credits) to the Supplement section.Also is it possible get 6 credits from B1.1 course if I am attending the evening classes?
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I'm assuming the B1.1 course is a language course? Then it is possible, since you have to select 4 to 8 credits in "interdisciplinary qualification" modules, which include language courses.

If the subjects from the social science departement are masters courses, then you you shouls be able to add those to the supplement (that is so, if the last digit of the module number is a 7). Otherwise be aware, that you are only allowed to select at most 8 credits of bachelor modules in total.
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In particular the mentor will look on this block.
If the courses 'Linguistics' and 'syntax' count for interdisciplinary skills is up to your mentor.
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