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 FSM:    where 

 Vin={a} V i n = { a } , Vout={o} , Vstate={p,q} , I = p ∨ q ,  R = next(p)|o&a&!q<->next(q)<->p

How can I compute the existential predecessors of p<->!q? And How the left associativity is distributed among relation R [ Is it the right way to give brackets " ((next(p)|(o&a&!q))<->(next(q))<->p)"  ? ] 

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See slides 67-71 of chapter 4 (transition systems for the explanations of the symbolic predecessor and successor computations. Also, the teaching tool on can help you to check your computations. For the above example, it computes

  = ∃next(q).!next(q)&(p<->next(q))|(p<->!q&a&o<->next(q))&next(q)
  = !p|(p<->!q&a&o)
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Thank you, Professor. I solved it.

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