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I have one doubt here 

Why A[a SB true] gives state set {s8} ?

In SB both RHS and LHS cannot coexist means they can't both be true, so here why s8 is included when a is true and other term is always true? 
Is it because of Universal Path quantifier because it considers deadend state as well so thatswhy it is there ?

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2 Answers

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That S8 is in the state set has nothing to do with SB but with A. Since S8 has no infinite paths, it satisfies a condition requiring all paths to satisfy the unsatisfiable condition.

You are right about the following assumptions:

  1. [ whatever SB true ] is satisfied by no path
  2. Precisely the deadend states satisfy A false
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Thanks for this explanation.
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This is because s8 is a deadend state. Note that deadend states satisfy all formulas A psi no matter what psi is (even A false is satisfied this way).
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Thanks for this explanation.

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