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Can somebody advise me on how to submit the answer for the deterministic automaton type in the proper format? My correct answer was submitted, yet it was still listed as incorrect.
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If you are sure that your answer is correct and there is just a minor syntax error, send your solution to your tutor who may grade this exercise manually for you.

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It is mentioned in the exercise text. You should enter something as follows:

    labels 0:s1; 1:s2,s3; 2:; 3:s0,s1,s2;     // encode Q

    labels 0:; 1:s2,s3; 2:; 3:s2;     // encode Qf

    init 0,1;

    transitions (0,{a},,1); (0,{},,2); (1,{},,3); (3,{a},,3); (3,{},,3);

    accept 2,3;

The labels define the sets of states that form the pairs (Q,Qf) of the breakpoint construction.
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