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Are there any changes in the exam pattern for summer semester 2022?
It would be better if we get to know the sample pattern and updated syllabus beforehand.

PS: Already attempted the exam last semester so need to practice for exam earlier.

Thanks in advance.
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Currently, the exams contain much more problems than have to be solved for a grade 1.0. That is on the one hand good (so that you definitely find problems are are prepared for), but on the other hand bad, since it is a huge effort for those who have to prepare and to correct the exams.

This is a bit too early to be discussed in depth. Apart from this, there is the plan to add reactive games on the list of exam problems which is an alternative view on the mu-calculus.
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Will there be any sample set of prospective questions for exam be provided in prior to an actual exam?
Not really, but we may refer to the exercise sheets of this semester that have some changes (like the parity games).

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