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My Solution Satisfy S2 but not S1, Is my solution correct?

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S1 is the same as:


Hence, your path satisfies both formulas.
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Could you explain the transformation of !AXGFb to EXFG!b ?
Sure, I can explain that.

= E!XFGb (not all paths have the property is the same as at least one path doesn't have the property)
= EX!FGb (no difference whether we negate now or in the next step)
= EXG!Gb
= EXGF!b
Thank you for easy explaination
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I am afraid that your solution is not correct. We can quickly rewrite your formulas to equivalent CTL formulas:

  •     S1 = !A X A G A F b
  •     S2 = A G A X A F !b

Then the model checker computes:

  •     〖!A X A G A F b〗= {s0}
  •     〖A G A X A F !b〗 = {s0}
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