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Prove the LTL formula (FFGa↔ (FGato be valid by applying these steps: Translate the negation of the formula to a symbolic ω-automaton. 

In the solution's acceptance condition there are three GF's conjuncted. First one is GF[a -> q0], this one is clearly Ga's omega translation. The next GF[q1 -> q0] and GF[q2 -> q1] are Fa's translation.

My question is why did we only considered the first part FFGa although the problem asks to translate the negation of whole formula? (after negation of <-> it becomes xor)


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When we make the abbreviations, we first get

  1. q0 := Ga with the rest (FFq0) ↔ (Fq0) 
  2. q1 := F q0 with the rest (Fq1) ↔ q1 
  3. q2 := F q1 with the rest q2 ↔ q1 
So, the answer is that the abbreviations take care of all occurrences of the sub formulas. 
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