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Can some one help me with below problem ,how to proceed for this problem.

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The standard procedure is as follows: 

  1. compute the set representations all all nodes of the ZDD
  2. read the full DNF from the set representations
  3. convert the obtained DNF to Shannon normal form to get the BDD
There is also a direct procedure, but I would rather recommend the above steps.
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thank you .understood
How does the direct procedure work ?
For the direct procedure, see function BDD2ZDD on slide 153 of the BDD chapter. There are also related functions like BDD2FDD and the converse ones.

Slides 78-91 of the chapter on propositional logic describe such transformations in terms of matrix multiplications to relate them to algebra. Also that is an option in theory, but I would not recommend that. It is rather meant for having further insights into normal forms.

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